Singing again!

Hey hey everyone in Internet land! We just wanted to say that we are now singing again and preparing for our upcoming tour that will take place in Uppland in the spring of 2017. Tour dates will be up shortly. In the meantime, check out our latest clip on our Facebook page where you can [...]

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You can call us the explorers! Though I’m not sure how many countries we’ve actually visited together as a group it has to be somewhere around 20. This weekend we got to explore another, Poland! We flew down on Saturday afternoon, always nice to have one day before having to perform. That evening we got [...]

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Hello hejsan everybody!   It’s been a while since we said gave you an update on what’s going on so I thought I’d make an effort ;) Thus far it’s been a calm year with fewer concerts than previous years, which has been both good and bad. Good in that we have been able to [...]

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Festival de la Voix

Leaving Châteauroux and Festival de la voix behind us. The trip to France started a bit shaky with Elina’s bag getting lost somewhere in Frankfurt with all her clothes including concert clothes which made us miss our connecting train. Broken glasses, demagnetised room card keys etc. It all turned out well in the end and [...]

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Vive la France!

Vive la France! After several weeks and months of rehearing and planning, we’re finally finalizing our programs and workshops for our trip down to the continent. A bit stressed with a thousand French words stuffed in our heads, new choreographies to remember plus all the new songs, but I’m convinced that everything will turn out [...]

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